Greetings sisters, wives, mothers many of us grew up consuming what our parents provided for us which was not always nutritious. For example, in America a common breakfast was eggs sausage and pancakes which is mostly fat and carbohydrates.

This type of meal is lacking vitamins, minerals and healthy macronutrients that provides children with the nutrition for healthy growth and development. It is time for us as the daughters of our foremothers to take back the responsibility of how we feed and nurture our children. It is important to know what foods are unhealthy and foods that are healthy for our wellbeing. 

The SAD diet which is the standard American diet has changed the lives of many not only in America but internationally as well. This style of eating is the cause of many leading common diseases such as hypertension, Child diabetes, skin issues, Malnutrition and childhood obesity.

So, what is the SAD diet? The standard American diet includes calorie dense and nutrient poor food and beverage choices. This diet consists of processed Foods, refined carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, refined fats, high fat dairy products and red meat. We as mothers have to break this vicious cycle in order to prevent the future generation from developing the poor eating habits that we have been conditioned to for decades.



Many people Ask how do I eat healthy, and as complex as we may think eating healthy is, it is the total opposite. The answer to this question is quite simple; consume the way The Most high intended us to, which is natural Whole Foods. When we hear the term “soul foods” it brings up the memory of good old fashion southern style cooking that includes fried chicken, candy yams, mac & cheese and cornbread.


Now I know these foods are hard to resist for many however, it is these foods that can cause potential issues such as child obesity, when consumed on a daily basis. Let’s talk about what real SOUL foods are: seasonal, organic, unprocessed and local foods. If we start our children out on this way of consuming, this will prevent them from creating bad habits. SOUL foods in this perspective focuses on the foods that are nutrition dense, fresh and close to its natural form as possible. It is time to rise above the lower vibrational eating habits.



Picky eating is most common for children especially toddlers. When transferring over to a healthier lifestyle can also be more challenging to do. Do not get impatient and frustrated by your picky eater/eaters. It’s important to just make healthy choices and trust over time that your child/children’s appetite will change. Be the example!

The best way to influence make changes with children is for them to see you excited and eating healthy. Children for the most part like to please their parents and they are normally soaking up what they see their parents do. There’s a saying that says” do what I say but don’t do as I do”. This statement is counterproductive for a house hold trying to convert to healthy living. “Let your light so shine “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6.



There is an old Jamaican saying “prevention is better than cure” this truly is the mindset that we must have in all efforts to break generational cycles. We as mothers hold the honorable position to nourish the nation to sustain good Health and estate. Self-educate and take on the task to nation build. It’s starts with a house hold. So, I will end it with this, glorify the Most Highest in your temple and teach these young price and princesses to do the same.


“Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of The Most High.” 1 Corinthians 10:31 kjv




If you would like to learn more, feel free to sign up for nutrition coaching.

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