Natural Livity House of Wholeness is founded by Chef Aviyah.

Being well is Wellbeing.

Natural Livity is a herbal holistic nutrition company, providing products and services for a 'Whole'-istic approach to living a natural life.

Harmonize Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with Natural Livity

Natural Livity House of Wellness is founded by Chef Aviyah. Natural Livity is a herbal health/wellness, holistic nutrition company.

The focus is to provide products and services that have a holistic approach to living naturally.

  • Mission

    Natural Livity’s mission is to
    sustain the connection between a culture and its roots in nature by utilizing essential herbs for optimal health through mind, body, and spirit healing. Natural Livity provides holistic practices that teach "self-care is not just for a moment in time,
    but a way of living that remains within every moment of one’s life".

  • Vision

    Natural Livity aims to enhance the nutrition status, well-being, and balance of both body and mind.

    We aspire to aid individuals towards a balanced state of health, optimal well-being through traditional therapies, and whole-healing foods.