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Coconut Bowls and Spoon

Coconut Bowls and Spoon

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Coconuts are an amazing gift of nature that has uses inside and out. Coconuts are versatile; being used in different cuisines and crafts throughout many generations. Not only are they used, but reused and repurposed.

The precious shells are crafted and made to use as utensils. Bowlconuts are natural made from nature; being harvested, crafted and oiled making them long-lasting. Each bowl is unique, coming directly from the earth to your kitchen.

Bowlconuts are one of the simple reminders to stay connected to a natural sustainable life-style in this modern fast past world. 

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WHY CHOOSE COCONUT BOWLS?                                                             

  1. It is NATURAL, toxic-free, and travel-friendly: You can take your bowlconuts and spoons anywhere
  2. Sustainable/Eco-friendly: Bowlconuts are made from the entire coconut shell; they’re bio-degradable and produce no waste in production. That’s right, the whole coconut is used. Very easy to wash and maintain.
  3. Durable: Bowlconuts are harvested, crafted & oiled, so even if dropped, they remain sturdy and long-lasting. 
  4. Mindful/Intuitive eating: Because of its natural size, it helps with portion control of meals and Mindful consumption.
  5. VERSATILE: You can put hot and cold foods in them, such as curries, soups, oatmeal, porridge, salads, smoothies’ bowls, Ice-cream, fruit and vegetables.
  6. EARTH VESSELS: Keeps you in alignment and connected to the natural atmosphere.

You will want to eat whole foods when you connect with your bowls.  



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The story behind wood and earth utensils

Indigenous people have been consuming out from natural utensils for centuries. People from the Caribbean, Central and south America, Africa, Asia, and eastern countries. I see it as a unspoken , unseen consciousness that they had and have to stay connected with the earth. One of those ways are Coconut bowls.


When will my package arrive?

Orders will take 2 to 5 business days to process before they are shipped from Natural Livity Location.

During the holiday season, especially November Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend orders can take anywhere from 14 business days for your order to ship. NL is a a company where we do our herbal blends in small batches, we do give thanks for the support! We do not use third-party facilities to

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Where do you get your herbs from?

Our wild crafted herbs are sourced from local indigenous farmers,
herbalists and harvesters in Jamaica, Ghana, Mexico and a few herbs from small organic herbal farmers in certain places in the states such as California, New York and North Carolina. Our wild crafted seamoss comes from the island of

All of our herbs are in its natural, high-energy state and have not
been manipulated in any form by man. The herbs are NONE irradiated. It is offered AS NATURE INTENDED. 

Can I consume multiple blends/herbs at the same time?

All the tea blend (multiple herbs combined) can be used at the same time; however, we recommend to consume each blend on its own to see what it does for your body.

The individual herbs have their own benefits, a purpose that we also
recommend to use one by one. You can also interchange them throughout the day. 

The resell products have their own instructions. 

Can I reuse the herbs after one use?

Yes, you can reuse your herbs. The leaves and flowers can be used two-three times per use. The rots and barks can be reused three to four times before discarding or using it for compost.