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Our Story

Greetings, everyone!


               I, Chef Aviyah, a professional chef, herbalist, and holistic nutrition wellness practitioner; am the proud owner of Natural Livity, a company created in mind and passion for healthy living, whole healing foods, and herbal care. Established in 2016.

       My culinary and herbal exploring's began in the warm embrace of my beloved grandmother and my mother's kitchen. They instilled in me the profound proverb that "love in the kitchen will heal the soul." This heartfelt connection ignited a deep love for culture and food. However, as I grew older, I encountered various health challenges that prompted me to transform my life towards a better way of living.

      From a profound shift in mindset, whole nutrition, and the embrace of herbal care, I embarked on a path to healing myself. This transformative journey reconnected me to my natural roots of using plants and natural resources to heal. Now, I feel to extend my knowledge and experiences to empower others to heal themselves through the transformative powers of nutrition, herbal remedies, and holistic wellness practices.

      Here at Natural Livity, the mission is to reintroduce individuals back to their innate connection with nature. Natural Livity is here to support those who are genuinely ready to support themselves to achieve optimal health through holistic healing of the mind, body, and spirit. We aim to inspire individuals to become their whole selves, recognizing that self-care is not a fleeting moment; but a lifelong commitment.

        I firmly believe that plant food and herbs can be a source of immense joy and nourishment without compromising on flavor. By embracing the simplicity of natural, unprocessed foods, we can reconnect with a more authentic and wholesome way of living. Through offerings that include cooking classes, herbal products, cleansing programs, food and beverage products, chef services, and mindful eating courses, guiding individuals toward rediscovering the art of mindful, nourishing, and delicious cuisine.

      Natural Livity Herbs are derived and harvested from their place of natural origin. The LiviTea Collection (the herbal tea line of Natural Livity) includes single-herb teas, unique tea blends, herbal supplements, and products utilizing natural authentic herbs grown by our herbal suppliers.

Natural Livity provides high-quality plants; and sustainable harvesting in support of heightening and enhancing one's healing journey.

     Be a part of this transformative journey and rekindle your relationship with plant foods and medicinal herbs toward the way of natural living, and cultivate a profound sense of well-being; to embark on a path of self-discovery and self-care that resonates with every moment of our lives.


With warm regards,

Chef Aviyah Owner, Natural Livity LLC